Why My Wife is More Beautiful Today than She Was on Our Wedding Day

Hey Sam,

Remember the other night when we were looking at wedding pictures and you asked, “Do you think I look just as beautiful now as I did then?”

As I looked up to answer I saw your face and I couldn’t hold back a laugh.  You were giving me that goofy, adorable look you always make, the one where you stick your tongue out, raise your eyebrows, and flair your nostrils.  Even though I’ve seen it a million times, it always make me chuckle.

I think I answered your question by saying something like, “Yes. Especially when you make that face.”

Reflecting now on that moment, I realize I missed an opportunity. See, I know you were just trying to make me laugh, but I should have taken that time to let you know how beautiful I think you are.  Wives needs to hear that sort of thing from their husbands every now and then.

So, to answer your question in all seriousness, yes, I do think you are more beautiful now than on our wedding day.  And the comparison is not even close.

Granted, you were stunning on our wedding day.  Positively radiant.  I remember thinking I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life making you look that happy.

But you then doesn’t hold a candle to you now.  Here’s why:

1 – You’ve Got That Look in Your Eye

There’s this look you give me when our eyes meet that makes my heart flutter.  You somehow manage to convey tenderness, endearment, and adoration all with those sparkling eyes of yours.  You’ve perfected that look over the course of our marriage, and it gets me every time.

2 – Your Smile is Angelic

You have the world’s best smile.  Hands down, bar none.  I’ve never seen someone smile as genuinely as you do.  Couple that brilliant smile with those dazzling eyes and you get one darned good-lookin’ lady.

3 – You Dominate Motherhood

You are to motherhood what Michael Jordan was to basketball.  You don’t just play the game, you ascend it. You pull off superhuman mothering feats like driving the kids to preschool, dance class, and soccer class all in one afternoon while still having time to run to the grocery store, cook dinner, paint Addy’s fingernails, and read Junior a book.

Your life as a mom is crazy, yet you handle it with such grace and poise.  As I watch you work, I can’t help but feel utterly exhausted and insanely attracted, all at the same time.

4 – When I Look at You, I See Our Memories

Remember when you dressed up as a goldfish cracker for Halloween?  Or that time you spilled a red squeeze-it on our white shirt during the Fourth of July Parade?  How about when I discovered you were pregnant with Junior before you did?  When I look at you, I see you through the lens of those memories and a million others like them.  Each of those million moments, whether big or small, happy or sad, has increased my love for you.

So while your eyes are indeed breathtaking and your smile will probably make me go weak at the knees the entire rest of my life, the real reason you are more beautiful today than you were on our wedding day is that I love you more now than I did then.

And, guess what, I’ll love you more tomorrow than I do today.

That’s what happens when you share life with your best friend.  Things just get better and better as you go along.

So, next time you’re feeling down because your hair’s a mess or your make-up’s not done, just remember there’s a man in your life who thinks you are gorgeous, no matter what.

Love you tons,


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