Our Story: How Sam and I Became Friends

Last week we covered how Sam and I met under less than ideal circumstances.  Today we’ll tell you how we quickly became best of friends.

Our First Deep Conversation

A few days after the knife throwing chat, Sam dropped by my apartment. After three long days of not seeing me, she couldn’t stand being away any longer.  She needed to drink in my charming smile, bask in my dashing good looks, and partake of my gentle but firm masculinity.

At least that’s why I think she came by.  She claims it was to talk with my roommates.  Apparently, her roommates and mine were planning on meeting up the following Monday night and Sam had come by to firm up the details.

At first, I didn’t know she was there because I was out on the balcony.  I was sitting there, minding my own business, when Sam threw open the sliding glass door and exclaimed, “Fine! If you’re going to tease me, I’m going to talk to Will!”

Although I was startled by her abrupt arrival, I invited her to pull up a patch of floor (our balcony was chair-less) and have a seat.  I wasn’t expecting the conversation to last long, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Even though we’d met only a couple days ago, talking with Sam that night felt like talking to an old friend.  There was an immediate emotional connection.  We just clicked.  She got me and I got her. Our conversation was effortless and refreshing.  I felt like I could talk to her about anything and she’d understand exactly where I was coming from.  As we talked, I knew we would become great friends.

We covered a lot of get-to-know-you ground that night.  I found out that Sam was living in Provo almost by accident.  She’d been planning on moving back to Idaho (where she went to school) a couple weeks before we met.  Her plans fell through when she couldn’t find a place to live and she was stuck in Provo by default.  I like to think that Sam not finding housing was really just God steering her in my direction.

After she told me about her life, I shared some about myself.  I told her about the volunteer work I’d been doing for the last two years.  I highlighted the personal growth that came from helping others and the valuable things I learned about myself.

We talked and talked and talked until two hours had flown by.  If Sam didn’t have to run off to a meeting, we might have talked all night.  While I can’t remember everything we talked about, I do remember being more than a little happy that she’d joined me on that balcony.

Romantic Difficulties

That first conversation led to many others.  Soon, we were talking almost every day.  After just a couple weeks, I considered Sam to be my best friend.

Even though we were spending tons of time together, Sam and I weren’t romantically involved yet.  Actually, both of our dating lives were a mess.  I was pursuing a girl named Emma who was so darned confusing.  Some days it seemed like she would marry me on the spot if I but asked.  Other days, she acted like I didn’t exist.  I couldn’t figure her out.

Sam was caught in an even stickier situation.  After moving to Provo about eight months prior, she’d started dating a guy named Jared.  At the beginning of the summer, they broke up because Jared was heading home and Sam would be in Idaho when he got back.  Their relationship wasn’t practical, so they called it off.

Imagine Jared’s surprise when he got back and found that Sam was still living there.  Awkward.  They’d only broken up because they weren’t going to see each other ever again.  Now that they were both in Provo, did that mean they should keep dating? Or not? Their relationship status was fraught with uncertainty.

While most 25 year-old males would have handled the situation with the grace of an ice skating elephant, Jared proved he wasn’t most 25 year-old males.  He was worse.  He chose to completely ignore Sam, as if pretending she didn’t exist would make the problem disappear.

And it ate away at Sam.  Not because she was dying to date him again, but because she needed clarity.  She needed to know Jared’s intentions so she could move on, with or without him.

The Turning Point in Our Friendship

Sam’s frustrations came to a head one chilly autumn evening.  She’d had enough and she was going to talk to Jared, whether he liked it or not.

That same night, I was going to a party in our apartment complex.  Emma was going to be there and I didn’t want to miss the chance to be with her.  She and I had been on several dates and I was hoping our relationship might step up to something more serious.

Emma and I had just started chatting it up when Sam burst through the door, tears streaming down her face.  Without thinking, I rushed to comfort Sam, leaving behind a very confused Emma.

I led Sam outside and we took a walk while she told me everything.  Skipping the gory details, she and Jared were definitely not dating anymore.  Even though she’d expected that conclusion, the whole experience had been emotionally exhausting.

We walked and talked (or, more accurately, I walked and listened while Sam walked and talked) until Sam regained her composure.  Once I was sure she was feeling at least a little better (you can only feel so good after an experience like that), I dropped her off at her apartment and headed back to the party.  When I got there, everyone was gone, including Emma.

After that night, my relationship with Sam changed.  While I still pursued Emma over the next few weeks, something in the back of my mind kept telling me that things with Emma weren’t going to work out.  It was almost as if God knew I was supposed to be with Sam but He was going to let me figure it out myself.

That’s it for this week’s installment of our story.  Check back next Thursday to see how Sam and I almost never started dating.

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