Our Story: How Sam and I Almost Never Dated

Last week we left our heroes, Will and Sam, in a state of flux.  After a fateful evening of parties, tears, and late night walks, their relationship was hanging in the balance.   Can they capitalize on recent developments, or will they fail to ride the wave of forward momentum?  Find out in this episode of “Our Story: The Universe’s Greatest Romance.”

I am Clueless

When it comes to romance, I have the emotional IQ of a pet rock.  Even though Sam was my best friend and I cared about her dearly, it hadn’t clicked in my mind that I should start thinking of her as more than a friend.  I was too busy pursuing Emma that I failed to realize how amazing a relationship with Sam would be.

Part of my problem was that things with Emma were slowly getting better.  We’d gone on several more dates (upping our date count to five) and it seemed that she’d finally moved past the acting-like-Will-doesn’t-exist routine.  I was feeling really hopeful that Emma and I would start dating each other exclusively in the near future.

As I pursued Emma, Sam found herself falling for me.  She loved how genuinely happy I was around her and how we talked about anything and everything together.  She appreciated how kind and caring I was toward her, even if it wasn’t in a romantic way.  She often found herself staring into my dreamy eyes, wondering how someone so devilishly handsome could also be so deep, down to earth, and humble (ok, I’m taking some liberties here, but she did think I was cute).

Of course, I had no idea she felt this way.  I don’t pick up on things like that.  I am clueless.  So I kept dating Emma, blissfully unaware of how Sam felt about me.

The Almost Kiss

A couple weeks after Sam started having feelings for me, she stopped by to see me right before dinner.  She’d had a long day and I invited her to stay and eat with me and my roommates.  After dinner was over, she and I started washing the dishes together.

As we worked and talked and laughed, there was a moment when she paused and looked up at me with a beaming, captivating smile.  For those of you who have never met Sam, it’s hard to describe how radiant she is when she smiles.  Her smile is full of goodness, warmth, and beauty.  It’s breathtaking.

So there I am, washing the dishes, and Sam looks up at me and she’s stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  And something clicks in my brain.  For the first time I realize that maybe Sam and I should be more than just friends.

That thought blew me away.  Even though the obvious reality of our relationship had been staring me in the face for weeks, it wasn’t until that moment that I realized it.

And suddenly, I wanted to kiss her.  I stared into that divine, angelic face and I wanted to sweep her off her feet and kiss her.

But I didn’t.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it was because there were other people in the room.  Maybe I was afraid of how Sam would react.  We hadn’t even been on a date yet, I couldn’t just kiss her over a sink full of dirty dishes.  Or maybe, just maybe, I’m an idiot.

To make matters worse, the night ended with me explaining to Sam that I needed to get to bed early so I could wake up and walk Emma to school the next morning.  Yup, I’m definitely an idiot.

Sam Decides She is So Done With Me

Sam knew I wanted to kiss her; she saw it in my eyes.  See, unlike me, Sam is not romantically brain-dead.  She knows desire and passion when she sees it.  And she definitely saw it.

At first, she felt equal parts excitement and disappointment.  She felt excited because she had wanted so badly for me to like her, and there was finally hope that I did.  The disappointment came for two reasons: First, I hadn’t actually kissed her.  Second, even after sharing that moment together, I was still pursuing Emma.

Before the almost kiss, Sam had accepted the fact that I might not be that into her.  She had told herself that even though we were great friends, maybe she and I just weren’t meant to be.

But now, things were different.  Now, Sam knew that I was attracted to her.  She also knew just how special a relationship between us could be.  She knew we could have the sort of romance most people only dream about.  It could be perfect.  Simply perfect.

AND YET I WAS CHOOSING TO THROW ALL THAT AWAY TO DATE SOME DUMB REDHEAD!  Just thinking about it made her so frustrated.  As she rolled our situation around in her mind again and again, the frustration grew and grew.  Then she got mad – even furious.

Enraged at the stupid and clueless choices I was making, she decided that she was done.  She was done trying to get the attention of a guy who was clearly interested in someone else.  It was just too hard for her to keep putting herself out there, all the time fearing that I would keep crushing her feelings like a bug.

By the time she drove home from work the day after the almost kiss, she had decided it was my turn to act.  If anything was going to happen between us, it wouldn’t be because she initiated it.  From then on, she was going to hang back and let me come after her.

Next Week on “Our Story”

Can Will prove he’s worth another shot?  Can he salvage what’s left of his relationship with Sam?  Will he even realize he wants a relationship with Sam? Will Sam give him a shot if he tries?  Do the two of them ever kiss?  Why hasn’t this story been made into a feature length film? Who would play Will and Sam in said film? All this (and more!) next week on “Our Story: The Universe’s Greatest Romance.”

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