Out of the Mouths of Babes: Junior and Addy on Toys and Space

The kids have noticed Dad and Mom working hard on the blog and they want in.  As I was working on a post today, they asked, “Daddy, can we help you write something?”

I said, “Sure, what do you want to talk about?”  They started talking and I started typing.  Here’s what we said (with post conversation commentary in italics):

Junior, “I want to talk about toys and space.” (His two favorite things.)

Addy, “Yes, toys and space.”

Dad, “What do you want to say about toys and space?”

Junior, “Ummm . . . The earth travels around the sun and the moon travels around the earth.” (He’s very proud that he know these facts.)

Addy, “What Jupiter follows around, Junior?”

Junior, “I don’t know.”

Addy, “I think Jupiter follows around the sun.  I like that about outer space.  I’m really hungry.” (I love that Addy has no filter.   Everything that comes to her mind comes out her mouth.)

Junior, “OK, I’m going to say all the planets.  I’m going to say them all in order: Sun . . . wait what’s the next one?  Is the next one Uranus.  I want to do them all in order.  That’s amazing, right?”

Dad, “Yes, that’s amazing.”

Addy, “I like the sun and Jupiter!”

Junior, “It’s the sun and earth and moon and then Saturn.”

Addy, “I like Jupiter!” (She’s really into Jupiter.)

Junior, “I want to do them all in a row, Dad. Wait, Addy do you want to just do space.” (Translation: Do you want to talk about just space instead of toys and space?)

Addy, “I DID do space.  I want to talk about toys and cars.” (Translation: I already talked about space, I’m ready for something else.)

Junior, “Daddy, what are all those red lines on the screen?” (He was noticing the words I was misspelling as I frantically tried to write down everything they were saying.)

Dad, “Those are words I spelled wrong.”

Junior, “Why did you spell words wrong?”

Dad, “Because I’m not very good at typing.”

Junior, “Ok, can I do all of them now?” (Translation: Can I list all the planets now?)

Dad, “Sure, go ahead.”

Junior, “Ummmm . . . The Sun . . .”

Addy, “The Sun!”

Junior, “What’s the next one, I can’t remember” (He has the hardest time remembering Mercury.)

Dad, “The next one is Mercury, I think.”

Junior, “Mercury, Venus, moon, Saturn . . . no, is Saturn next, Dad?” (Missing a very important planet there, kiddo.)

Dad, “I don’t think so.”

Junior, “That’s ok, then it’s Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, no, not Mercury . . . Pluto.” (That’s ok, who needs Earth anyway?)

Addy, “Jupiter, the Sun, and Uranus, and Neptune.” (And no Earth . . . I should make sure that they’re aware of Earth.)

Junior, “I want to say more about space.  There’s a lot of shooting stars but they’re actually rocks.”

Dad, “Oh, yeah? That’s cool.  Is there anything else you want to say about shooting stars?”

Junior, “Yes, when you see something really fast, that means it’s a shooting star.  But it’s actually a rock.  There’s the moon, and it looks like . . .”

Addy, “It’s the moon, Junior” (Translation: The moon looks like the moon, duh.)

Junior, “What’s at the end of the solar system, Daddy?”

Addy, “End of the solar system?” (Translation: End of the solar system? I never thought of that.)

Junior, “Daddy, can we look up a picture of Orion?” (His favorite constellation.  Of course, it’s the only constellation he can recognize.)

Addy, “Yeah, I want to look at Orion.  And his belt.”

And it’s time to stop blogging so we can Google, “Orion and his belt.”

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