Moms are Amazing

Yesterday, Sam and I were talking in the car with Junior when Sam stopped mid-sentence.  Without looking back, she said, “Junior, you need to sit up in your car seat.”  His seat belt doesn’t sit right when he slouches, so he really needs to sit up straight to stay safe.

He replied, “I am sitting up straight.”

Sam, “No, you’re not, you need to sit up.”

Junior, “But I am sitting up.”

At this point, he had me convinced.  I was driving and couldn’t look back at him.  Sam hadn’t looked back during the entire conversation, so I thought she must be wrong.

Sam pushed back again, “Junior, this is the last time I’m going to say this: Sit up now.”

He finally relented and said, “Ok, mom, I’ll sit up.”

I was floored.  How did she know?  She must have seen him in a mirror.  Or maybe she looked back without me noticing.  I had to ask, “How did you know he wasn’t sitting up straight?”

She said, “His voice wasn’t coming from the right place.  His mouth was clearly in a lower position than it should have been.  It couldn’t have been that low unless he wasn’t sitting up straight.”  To fully appreciate this observation, you have to realize that the total elevation difference between Junior’s mouth when he’s slouching and when he’s sitting up is a grand total of maybe three inches.

In other words, she knew, with one hundred percent certainty, what her child was doing because his mouth was three inches lower than it should have been.  I wouldn’t have known if he’d moved to the opposite side of the car; she noticed three inches.

When I expressed how impressed I was, she jokingly replied, “What can I say, I’m amazing.”

I couldn’t agree more.  After all, she is a mom.  And moms are amazing.

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