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Welcome to our blog!  We’d like to introduce you to our family.  My name is William (Will for short) and I run the blog with my beautiful wife Samantha (who everyone calls Sam).  We’re the parents of two young, rambunctious balls of endless energy.  Will Jr. (who goes by Junior) is five and Addison (or Addy) is two, although she tells everyone she’s four.  This blog chronicles the crazy lives of two parents who have no idea what they’re doing but have somehow managed to fake it thus far.  Even though our house is always messy, the dishes are always dirty, and our laundry is never done, we love life because we’re living it together.

Here’s a little more about each member of our family:


My dream job is to be a stay at home dad.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay as well as I’d like it to, so as the bread winner in our family I had to choose another profession.  I eventually decided to attend way too many years of school (dragging my family along with me) to get a PhD so I could play with lasers and cameras for my full time job.  I finally finished school in 2015 and since then I’ve been blown away by just how amazing a real job is compared to grad school.

When I’m not rolling on the floor with the kiddos I love playing basketball and reading.  I’m also an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan who might spend more time planning the Lakers’ future than I spend planning my own retirement.


Sam is the woman who has made all my dreams come true.  I know that sounds sappy and everything, but it really is true.  She’s currently a stay at home mom who ironically spends very little time at home.  Between trips to soccer practice, dance class, running camp, and the grocery store she runs an in-home hair salon.  As a cosmetologist, she loves interacting with clients and helping them feel confident in their appearance.  She also likes cooking, baking, going to the beach, and weightlifting.  Weightlifting is a relatively new hobby that she highly recommends to anyone who is looking to lose weight but hates doing cardio.


(In his own words): I like playing cars.  I’m really good at soccer and basketball and I’m really good at racquetball.  I like doing school.  I’m in kindergarten next year, but right now I’m in preschool.  Addy and I have a stuffed animal that we share, but’s there only one of them (parents note: they just got a stuffed animal from a neighbor tonight and they are sharing it).  I like Christmas because Mommy and Daddy give you presents (parents note: right after he said this, Addy exclaimed, “No, Santa give you presents! Mommy and Daddy don’t give you presents!”).  I like my new bed because it’s so comfy.  I like church because it’s good.


(In her own words): I’m a princess and princesses write names.  That’s what princesses do.  I like playing with blocks and things.  I like doing things that Junior gives me.  I like going to our friend’s house when they babysit.  I like dance class because I dance.  I like monkeys on my shirt and crocodiles on my shirt.  I like wearing spinny skirts at home.  Everybody, I want to show you my leggings.




Addy and her leggings.

A typical family photo.

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  1. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing Addy’s random comments! And I love that Jr likes church…what a good little man!

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