Funny Stuff our Kids Say #3

Junior’s been feeling that he needs another sibling.  A few of his friends recently had new additions to their families and he has been feeling left out.

Because we want to stay ahead of the “where do babies come from” questions, we’ve had several age-appropriate “birds and the bees” talks with him.  We’ve told him that a mommy and daddy work together to put a baby into mommy’s belly.  Though we haven’t yet explained how it actually happens (he is only five), he gets the basic idea that it involves a dad and mom working together.

We were driving in the car and we had this conversation:

“Daddy, I want a baby at our house.”

“That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

“Daddy, can you and Mommy make a baby Thursday night?”

I was so tempted to respond again, “That would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

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