Funny Stuff our Kids Say #2

I have a terrible memory, especially when it comes to driving places.  Even if I’ve been somewhere a dozen times, I probably won’t be able to drive there without using a GPS.

Sam, on the other hand, has a pristine memory.  If you drove her some place only once three years ago, she’ll remember how to get there today.  Even if you’d blindfolded her, she’d still manage to direct you there.  She’s that good.

Junior is blessed with Sam’s memory.  While he thinks it’s funny that I don’t remember how to get anywhere, he’s also sensitive to his dad’s feelings.  He often reminds Sam, “Remember, Mommy, Daddy doesn’t have a good memory.”

As if that’s not patronizing enough, the other day we were at a gas station just a couple blocks from our house and we had this conversation:

“Daddy, do you know how to get home from here?”


“Good job Daddy! Your memory is getting so much better!”

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