Funny Stuff Our Kids Say #9

A couple weeks ago, Addy and I were at Junior’s soccer practice when Addy started playing with some of the other kids who were also there to watch their siblings practice.  Pretty soon, a whole group of them were running up and down the sidelines as fast as they could.

Because they were having such a good time running, I took my attention off Addy and started watching Junior a little more intently.  After watching Junior for a minute, my mind wandered off and I began daydreaming

I was abruptly brought back to reality when I heard Addy yelling at the top of her lungs.  I looked over and found that she and another kid (probably about two years old) were screaming at each other.  Addy, in particular, was being very animated, stomping her feet and making wild, sweeping gestures with her hands.

I raced over to pull Addy away.  As I got closer, I couldn’t help but laugh once I heard their conversation.

Addy: No! In outer space there is NEPTUNE AND JUPITER!

Other Kid: But there’s also the moon!


Other kid: Yeah, but the moon is in outer space too.

Addy: No it’s not! There is no moon! It’s Neptune and Jupiter!

Fearing that it might come to blows (Addy was very heated), I pick Addy up and said, “Why are you fighting with that boy?”

Her response, “Because Daddy, he’s so mean.  He thinks the moon is in outer space!”

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