Funny Stuff Our Kids Say #8

For the eighth installment in this series, we’ve decided to share a story that’s more cute than funny.  Don’t worry, it’s not because our kids have stopped saying funny things.  It’s just that this story was so darned cute we had to share it.  So, here goes:

Addy is our family’s little love bug.  She’s all about giving hugs and kisses, all the time.  Whenever I ask her, “Addy, what does daddy need?” she responds “Kisses!” and plants a big one on my cheek.

One morning, as I was about to leave for work, I heard Addy jump out of bed and race to the top of the stairs.  The moment she saw me, she screamed, “NO DADDY!!! Don’t go to work!”

A bit startled, I replied, “Why not?”

In the sweetest voice you can imagine she responded, “I haven’t given you kisses.”

She then flew down the stairs, jumped into my arms, and gave me a big kiss.  After squeezing me as tight as her little two year-old arms could manage, she pulled back and said, “Ok, bye Daddy.  See you after work” as she ran back up the stairs to get ready for the day.

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