Funny Stuff Our Kids Say #6

Our kids are obsessed with Siri.  They think it’s so cool that I can talk to my phone and it talks back.  They’re always begging me to ask Siri questions so they can hear her voice.

A few days ago, I was driving Junior and Addy to soccer practice when Junior noticed he couldn’t hear Siri even though I was using my phone’s GPS.  Disappointed, he asked, “Daddy, why can’t I hear Siri?”

“Because I turned the volume off,” I explained.

He responded, “Can you please turn Siri on?  We (meaning both he and Addy) really want to hear her.”

Addy chimed in, “Yeah! Siri is a good lady!”

A smile spread across my face and I replied, “You’re right, Addy.  Siri is a good lady.”

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