Funny Stuff our Kids Say #12

Our kids love watching “Charlotte’s Web,” the 2006 version starring Dakota Fanning.  For those of you not familiar with the story, it’s about a spider, Charlotte, who befriends a pig, Wilbur.  Over the course of the movie, Charlotte and Wilbur grow close as Charlotte spins webs that end up saving Wilbur’s life.  At the end of the movie, Charlotte dies the day after spinning the last of her impressive webs.  As she dies, she has a belabored conversation with Wilbur about their friendship and her recently laid eggs.

The kids like the movie so much that we’ve watched it for almost half our pizza and movie nights over the last year.  They’re always quoting it or talking about how things that happen in our life are just like the things that happen in the movie.

Last week when Sam woke up from a nap in a bit of a haze.  She was still feeling groggy when Junior started asking her questions.  After listening to her struggle to grasp what was going on, Junior remarked, “Mom! You sound just like Charlotte when she was dying!”

He then came into the kitchen where I was making dinner and announced, “Dad, mom just sounded just like Charlotte when she was dying!  Isn’t that cool?!?”

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