Addy’s a Little Excited about Preschool

Of all the three-year-olds in the world, Addy may, quite possibly, be the most excited to start preschool.  For her, the thought of attending preschool is so exhilarating that she’s spent much of the last two days quivering with joy.

When I say “quivering,” I mean that her body actually physically shakes because she’s so darned excited about going to preschool.

Now, Addy’s a pretty happy kid, and it’s generally pretty easy to get her excited about things.  But this is a whole new level.  Even Christmas didn’t produce this sort of reaction.   We’re at the point where she spends large portions of each day gushing about amazing her teacher, Miss Kim, is.

The funniest part about it is that she hasn’t even started preschool yet.  Nope, her first day is tomorrow.  But she’s not going to let little things like the fact that she’s never attended an actual preschool class stop her from being immersed in preschool-induced euphoria.

She’s so excited about the whole thing, she even woke up early this morning.  Not because she got confused and thought school started today.  No, she knew there “was one more sleep ‘till preschool.”  She got up early because the earlier you wake up, the earlier the day can start.  And the earlier the day starts, the sooner it will be done.  And when preschool starts tomorrow, who cares about today.  Let’s get today done and over with so we can get on to the joy, nay, the sheer ecstasy, that is, and forever will be, preschool.

So, yeah, we’re a little excited about preschool.  And, as parents, Sam and I are really hoping it lives up to expectations.  Because it’s not often you get to see your kids this excited about anything, never mind something that’s actually good for them.

Check back soon to see what went down during the first week of preschool.

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