Addy Got an Owie

I was finishing up at work today when I got a text from Sam, “At the urgent care if you would like to join us.”  My first thought (“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”) was quickly followed by my second thought, “Get ahold of yourself! Call her and find out what’s going on.”

I frantically called and . . . got no answer.  Again, I thought, “AHHHHHHHH!” as I imagined Sam flying down the highway, abandoning all caution as she raced to the urgent care with the kids in the back seat, inches from death with a major head wound while the other administered first aid.

As the hysterical dad in me envisioned the worst possible outcome, my phone rang.  Junior was on the line (side note, it’s still so weird that Junior calls me; I’m just not expecting a five year old when I pick up).  He explained, “Addy cut her finger and needs to see the doctor to make it better.”

Relieved that it wasn’t anything too bad (she didn’t even need stitches), I decided to stop by the grocery store on the way to get Addy a balloon.  By the time I got to the urgent care, Addy was almost ready to go.  As the physician’s assistant finished wrapping Addy’s finger, she chatted with the kids about their day.  When she finished applying the bandage, she got them popsicles and helped them choose stickers from a sticker book.  I was blown away by how good she was with our kids.

As a parent, I’m always grateful when other people are nice to my children.  Sam and I both left feeling that we would definitely be repeat customers (although typing it now, I feel weird essentially saying that we’re planning on frequenting an urgent care).

Talking with Sam afterwards, it turns out that Junior was the real hero of the day.  Apparently, Addy bled all over the place before Sam had a chance to stop the bleeding.  As Sam tended to Addy, Junior cleaned up all the blood.  He then helped Sam get together a backpack full of books and toys to take to the urgent care to keep himself and Addy entertained.  It’s so sweet to see how much he cares and is willing to help when we need it.

By the time we were done at the urgent care, it was late enough that we decided to eat out for dinner.  After dinner, we ran to the grocery store and then headed home.  Tired from her long day, Addy fell asleep on the ride home.  She woke up briefly as I took her out of the car.  Even though she was barely awake as I carried her up to bed, she said through a yawn, “Daddy, I need to take my shoes off.  No shoes in the house.  That’s the rules.”

I smiled and thought, “Being a dad is the best.”

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